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What Do Employees Need to Know About Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus outbreak has everyone in the country scrambling to figure out what to do. Employers are trying to decide how they can continue business operations. Employees are trying to figure out what they can do if they find themselves quarantined. What are your employee rights during this Coronavirus outbreak? Can you lose your job? [...]

Has California AB5 Changed the Gig Economy Already?

In January 2020, California AB5 took effect. Legislators designed this new labor law to protect independent contractors in the state. It set a standard for hiring independent contractors. It also required businesses to reclassify many of their workers as employees. As a result, businesses must now offer these employees numerous benefits. These benefits included minimum [...]

Three New California employment Laws You Didn’t Know About

The new decade has brought new labor laws to Californians. Workers in the state should be aware of these new California employment laws since they directly affect workers' rights and legal options. Our California employment attorney outlines some of these important updates below. 3 New California Employment Laws Assembly bills 1223, 9 and 673 each [...]

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What New California Labor Laws Do You Need to Know About?

California recently experienced a few changes made to its labor laws. These laws, which will take effect in 2020, spell good news for California workers. We have compiled the following list of new labor laws in California for your convenience. If you seek legal help, we encourage you to speak with an experienced attorney today. [...]

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Could Forced Arbitration Agreements in Employment Contracts be Banned in California?

According to the LA Times, employees may no longer need to give up their right to file a lawsuit against a company in a future dispute. A new bill is on its way to the desk of Governor Gavin Newsom. This bill would allow a job candidate to refuse to give up his or her [...]

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Will a New California Bill AB 5 Change the Way the Gig Economy Works?

There is a controversial and important legislative battle waging in the country: the battle over California bill AB 5. Labor unions back this bill, and if it passes, it will become even harder for companies to classify their employees as independent contractors. Reclassification would change the gig economy and impact the way many businesses operate. [...]

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How California’s New CROWN Act Can Stop Racial Discrimination

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed the CROWN Act into law, which will bar employers and K-12 public schools from discriminating against people for their natural hair once it goes into effect. Passed to prevent instances of racial discrimination that targets the black community in the workplace and in public schools, the CROWN Act (Creating [...]

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